Epic Film Location Diffusion Overhead

Epic Film Location Diffusion Overhead

In 2017, Peter Rabbit Film production built an english countryside set in Sydney’s central park, the set covered over an acre of land. The main set was a Manor house (2 storey) with an a front garden and adjacent vegetable garden and shed. A central pond and an artist’s cottage and garden opposite.

The shoot was to look like England, soft english light. However it is February in Australia full summer sun.

Peter Rabbit Set 2017 Sydney, Australia

A diffusion was required to cover the set, however there was no access or budget for large cranes to hoist an overhead frame. Also the wind gusts at that time of year are extremely strong- 30-40 knots  (75-80 km per hr).

The production contacted Event Engineering Pty Ltd, to provide a solution, they came up with the installation of 4 x 18 meter steel poles with 15 ton winches at each base. The idea being to use a large tension structure diffusion connected to cables (synthetic) at each pole, synchronising the winch motors to manoeuvre the overhead into a desired position.

Up She goes

The diffusion material was developed by “Rocket”, it had to have diffusion quality similar to full grid or a heavy frost, needed to be soft so it would make no noise, more importantly it needed to be strong enough to withstand high tension and wind loads.

Events engineering went for a 33 meter  x 33 meter over head (1000 square meter), weighed 220 kg with all the Dyneema ropes.

The over head was hoisted and positioned /tensioned,  worked every day for 3 months.

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