About us

Rocket Film Equipment, was established in 1993 in Sydney Australia by Grant Atkinson and Devina Maxwell both actively involved in the film industry as technicians for years.

The standard product range is consistently updated to work with advances in Technology. Customer Feedback inspires new product development and ensures universal and user-friendly products.

Our continued professional involvement in the film industry allows us to test all new products on the film set before release.
The company has expanded markets, with customers in China,  Japan, Taiwan, United Emirates, the Middle East, India, Italy, Greece, Russia and the United Kingdom and the USA.

The success of the company is due to the vibrant production team who have first-hand knowledge and involvement in the film industry. We have put a lot of effort into the promotion of the “Rocket Film Equipment” name, and we are proud to say that the Rocket label is now synonymous with quality and reliability.

Since our products are top end, our products must meet the highest standards to match the expectations of the global film industry.

Executive Managers / Directors
Ms Devina Maxwell & Mr Grant Atkinson Directors / Co-Managers
A startup partnership

Office Staff

“Every Day I enjoy coming to work, We work as a family so it feels like home. I like to work towards a successful future for our company so it can provide the same for me.”

“I enjoy working at Rocket because I have enough time to do my job properly and enjoy it. I have worked in other companies where the workloads are always impossible and the stress constant“

“I feel proud to be part of a company that is known worldwide for its products. The fact that we export all over the world offers me many learning opportunities.“

“We enjoy being part of the Rocket Team our colleagues are great. Since working here we have and gained a lot of new knowledge that will help us into the future “.