Our Projects Archive

  • Tensioned Diffusion

    In 2017, Rocket Film Equipment was contracted to make a huge overhead diffusion Sail. It was 33-meter x 33-meter and weighed  220 kg. The material was custom made to the requirements of the production, strong enough to withstand high tension and wind loads. Rockets experience in tensioned Textile architecture ensured a great outcome.

  • South African Production

    In 2016, RocketFilm Equipment worked with Blue Origin Studios in South Africa supplying Custom Fabric, Chromakey Screens for wet use. We also supplied a full production Package of lighting control tools.

  • Studio Carts

    In 2014 Rocket Film Equipment was asked to make Equipment Carts for the Pinewood Studios in Malaysia. Rocket Film Equipment researched designed and fabricated these studio carts for a variety of different needs. The project was a great success and we are keen to make more.

  • Photographic Cubes

    Rocket Film Equipment has been making to order Photographic light cubes. They are customarily 50cm x 50cm x 50cm  up to 600cm x 600cm x 600cm .

    Some designs have been self-supporting, however, the larger cubes need a more substantial frame. They often include webbing loop tie/rig points.

  • Marco Polo

    In 2014 the TV epic, Marco Polo, started production in the Malaysian Iskandar studios. The demands of a project this size and complexity was challenging for the studios and its staff as it was by far the biggest production they had had. Rocket Film equipment proved invaluable in providing advice and supplies throughout its filming. Shipments could be delivered quickly by road as Rockets Factory is Based in Thailand.

  • Large Cubes and Fly Swatters

    Rocket Film Equipment makes to order for Film productions, Large Lighting cubes and Flysquatters. Most rigging teams have specific designs they prefer. Rocket Film Equipment works alongside our customers to get the outcomes desired.