Our Projects Archive

  • Wicked Diffusion Overheads

    Disney’s new TV show, based on the acclaimed stage production “Wicked”, is currently in development. The location of the production is outside of London, where a village has been constructed on a 45 by 180-meter plot of land.

  • Breakdown Frame Kit

    Breakdown Frame Kits

    We have just introduced some break down 4'x 4' frame kits which are always of interest to the owner-operators.

  • Slip-Ons

    Rocket Film Equipment has been researching and developing Slip-ons. They are textile covers that slide over your 1″ (25mm) poly or foam core board. We have had so much interest in these that we are looking at making a lightweight frame that they can also be used with.

  • Grey Screens for keying

    Rotoscoping Screens

    Working with VFX teams, "Rocket" has been manufacturing custom-sized Daylight Grey and Beige/ Sand screens for Rotoscoping. The textiles face is a soft matt finish with a solid back, sandwiched between is a 3 mm soft foam core.

  • Book-light Diffusion

    A book-light creates a beautiful, ultra-soft light. It does this by using a bounce as a source and then diffusing it again. Rocket Can make these booklights with your choice of bounce and your choice of diffusion, giving a multitude of different lighting effects.

  • Tensioned Diffusion

    In 2017, Rocket Film Equipment was contracted to make a huge overhead diffusion Sail. It was 33-meter x 33-meter and weighed  220 kg. The material was custom made to the requirements of the production, strong enough to withstand high tension and wind loads. Rockets experience in tensioned Textile architecture ensured a great outcome.

  • South African Production

    In 2016, RocketFilm Equipment worked with Blue Origin Studios in South Africa supplying Custom Fabric, Chromakey Screens for wet use. We also supplied a full production Package of lighting control tools.

  • Studio Carts

    In 2014 Rocket Film Equipment was asked to make Equipment Carts for the Pinewood Studios in Malaysia. Rocket Film Equipment researched designed and fabricated these studio carts for a variety of different needs. The project was a great success and we are keen to make more.