Project Description

A photographic light cube (also known as a light tent or photo cube), can be an essential piece of kit used to produce a wide variety of product looks

It can be argued that light cubes produce the softest light possible because you’re completely surrounding your subject with diffusion panels and reflectors.

Light cubes are typically small, so the types of items you can photograph are rather limited. there are several different ways to utilize a light cube to produce professional results.

Rocket Film Equipment has been making to order Photographic light cubes. They are customarily 50cm x 50cm x 50cm  up to 600cm x 600cm x 600cm .

Some designs have been self-supporting, however, the larger cubes need a more substantial frame. They often include webbing loop tie/rig points.

We recommend Rocket Film Equipments lightbox diffusion. However dependent on our customer’s needs we have used a variety of heavier diffusions with great success. Black diffusions provide a unique lighting quality specifically for jewellery, food, liquids, and makeup.

Project Details

Client Professional Photographers
Completed these products are made to order
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