Project Description

Disney’s new TV show, based on the acclaimed stage production “Wicked”, is currently in development. The location of the production is outside of London, where a village has been constructed on a 45 by 180-meter plot of land.   To ensure optimal lighting for the entire hamlet, numerous custom-made overheads measuring 6 by 45 meters were installed. These overheads were manufactured by Rocket Products using top-notch materials and production techniques. Ropes, webbing, and threads, had to meet the customer’s requirements to withstand the intended environment. The overheads’ architecture allowed the wind to pass through and moisture to drain away. Additionally, the overheads could be conveniently folded into weatherproof storage on the scaffolding when not in use or at night, similar to concertina blinds.

Project Details

Client Disney
Location UK
Surface Area 5000
Completed 2023
Architect Rocket