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Need a corporate look for an Event! Need equipment Kits! Rocket Film Equipment has it covered.
From the Olympics to World Expo’s we can put together Equipment kits with Branding.


Rocket Film Equipment has over 30 years of experience and is a perfect consultant if you need one. Try us, our network of suppliers is vast and our ability for creative solutions has helped many.
Onsite lighting demonstrations for schools are run by Grant Atkinson feel free to enquire.


Shipping plays a huge part in any purchase. Rocket Film Equipment understands the pressures our customers face and will work out the quickest direct and economical route possible if that is what our client requires.
Our relationship with freight companies is exceptional and we usually get the best rates available.


Want to market your business while your equipment works? Or just want to know which equipment is yours? All equipment manufactured at Rocket Film Equipment can be duo labelled or branded with corporate logos, barcodes or colours.
Film Equipment Rental Companies, Film Schools and Colleges can benefit from this Branding service


Are you an inventor? or just have great ideas that you want to test out?
Rocket Film Equipment can provide design and prototyping services. If you want to take it a step further we can provide market research reports for production run costing and timings and even manufacture for you.


All Film, TV and Video productions are unique and the textile package will often require customization. Rocket Film Equipment can help with free upfront consultations that take into consideration the effects and style that is trying to be achieved, the size and the budget of the production.


Fabrics are an important element in Film Studios, Photographic Studios and Theatres. It is important you are aware of the fire safety regulations laws that apply in your area. Once you know these Rocket Film Equipment can accommodate by providing certificates, or applying a Non-Durable Flame-Retardant.


Rocket Film Equipment offers repairs and recovers, however, this service is best suited for local Businesses and Productions Filming close by. Why not think about Wag flags, they are a great solution.

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