Pixel Cloths

The Pixel Cloth Overhead / Lighting Rag is similar to the “bokeh” system

The concept of the Lighting Control textile is to blend the light into the skin tone or make-up tone and graduate the diffusion.

” It can be used as a  magnificent eye light that allows a focused and controlled amount of soft warm light to gently lift and beautify cast… esp with darker eyes and or darker skin around eyes. “

These are a new idea and we welcome anyone who wants to experiment, feedback so far is great.

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PhotoProduct NameOH Frame SizePixel Cloths PRICE GUIDE ONLY .Quote Needed.Request a Quote to get our best dealhf:att:pa_oh-frame-sizehf:att:pa_pixel-cloths
Pixel Cloths - Cross Style, 04'x04' Butterfly฿6,960.00

Pixel Cloths - Cross Style, 06'x06' Butterfly฿11,360.00

Pixel Cloths - Cross Style, 08'x08' Butterfly฿14,470.00

Pixel Cloths - Cross Style, 12'x12' Overhead฿23,340.00

Pixel Cloths - Window Style, 04'x04' Butterfly฿6,960.00

Pixel Cloths - Window Style, 06'x06' Butterfly฿11,360.00

Pixel Cloths - Window Style, 08'x08' Butterfly฿14,470.00

Pixel Cloths - Window Style, 12'x12' Overhead฿23,340.00


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Pixel Cloths


OH Frame Size

04'x04' Butterfly, 06'x06' Butterfly, 08'x08' Butterfly, 12'x12' Overhead