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Warehouse Team

“We enjoy being part of the Rocket Team our colleagues are great. Since working here we have and gained a lot of new knowledge that will help us into the future “.


“I enjoy working at Rocket because I have enough time to do my job properly and enjoy it. I have worked in other companies where the workloads are always impossible and the stress constant“


“I feel proud to be part of a company that is known worldwide for its products. The fact that we export all over the world offers me many learning opportunities.“

Purchasing and Supplies

“I like to work at Rocket because the team understands that for business success, there will be problems and problem-solving. It understands failures and learns from them, constantly striving to develop a better more secure company for all our futures.“

Human Reasources

“Every Day I enjoy coming to work, We work as a family so it feels like home. I like to work towards a successful future for our company so it can provide the same for me.”

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