“I enjoy working at Rocket because I have

enough time to do my job properly and enjoy it.

I have worked in other companies where the

work loads are always impossible and the stress constant

My Role at Rocket Products

My Role at Rocket is in the Accounting and Administration Department.

There are 2 of us in this department.  

We use Quickbooks and G Suite as management tools but also run a manual system to comply with our counties legal requirements. Thailand has a lot of rules and regulations and it is very important that we follow the regulations, this can sometimes be very time consuming but with good planning and thorough systems we get the job done.

My Nationality and Languages I can speak

I am a Thai National and  I speak the official Thai Language . My second language is English although I am not fluent. I hope to improve my english by working at Rocket and using social media.

I love technology and enjoy learning about it , I find it easy to use.

I have been at Rocket since….

The year 2017

Professional Summary