Human Reasources

“Every Day I enjoy coming to work ,

We work as a family so it feels like home.

I like to work towards a successful future for our company

so it can provide the same for me.”

My Role at Rocket Products

My primary Duty is to take care of Rocket’s Employees.

Rocket provides medical benefits on top of the standard Government Welfare System which makes our staff happy. It also provides for Lunch money and everyday medicines. Whenever there is money available bonuses and gifts are given out on special holidays.  

It is my job to make sure all team members are comfortable and are satisfied with the conditions they work in. Air Conditioning, Clean toilets, drinking water and other kitchen amenities are among some of these things. It is important to Management that our team enjoy their work and that they feel well looked after, after all a happy team is a productive team.

I also help in the sales area helping finalizing orders and organizing logistics.

My Nationality and Languages I can speak

I was born in Phayao Province Which is in Northern Thailand.

I am a Thai National and  I speak the official Thai Language as well as the Northern Thai Language.

I understand a little  English but not really enough to converse anything complicated.

I have been at Rocket since….

The year 2014

Professional Summary