Purchasing and Supplies

“I like to work at Rocket because the team understands that

for business success there will be problems and problem solving.

It understands failures and learns from them,

constantly striving to develop

a better more secure company for all our futures.

My Role at Rocket Products

My role at Rocket is primarily Purchasing and Supplies.

This is not as straightforward as it sounds. We are often doing custom work with custom components as well as having to meet industry standards that must be upheld such as light loss , exact key colours to name just a few.

My aim is always to get the best quality and the best prices as fast as possible. Our suppliers come from all over the world and it’s important to me that we have good relationships with them.

Quality will always come before price as that is what our company stands for however I do shop around to get the best value for our customers.

My Nationality and Languages I can speak

I am a Thai National

I speak the Thai Language, and a little English.

I have been at Rocket since….

The year 2011

Professional Summary